1. The College Book Bank provides facilities of lending books to the poor and meritorious students on payment of one tenth of the cost of the books.
  2. Number of books that may be issued depends on the availability of the books.
  3. The Book Bank will be housed in the college library and be in the charge of the Librarian and under the over charge of the member of a teaching staff appointed by the Principal.
  4. The officer-in-charge of the Book Bank shall invite application from the students at the beginning of each session in the prescribed proforma.
  5. A committee appointed by the Principal shall make the final selection of students for the issue of books on the basis of merit cum poverty and also on recommendation of the proctors.
  6. There shall be a separate catalogue and a Stock Register and also an Issue Register for Book Bank to be maintained by the Librarian.
  7. The students who borrow books from Book Bank must return the books in good condition before the publication of result of Test Examination, Annual Examination or before taking College Leaving Certificate as applicable
  8. Books lost or damaged shall be replaced by the person concerned.
  9. The Principal shall be the controlling authority in all matters connected with Book Bank. He may change any of the rules and his decision will be final.
Proforma of Application for Book Bank : -
  1. Name of the Student - (In block letters)
  2. Class and Roll Number -
  3. Annual Income of the Father - (or guardian if father is dead)
  4. Aggregate marks of the last examination - (Attested copy should be attached)
  5. Recommendation of the proctor -
  6. List of books applied for - (In order or preference)