College Crest

The open book is distillation of the world, a massive ceaseless, endless crunch of proliferating knowledge- a treasure house, the living voice of the past. It fashions, shapes and humanizes our mind and it is the only means of perpetuating human knowledge and influencing the civilization of mankind. The candle with its flame ever illuminating, ever lasting, a thing of beauty", is a beacon light to the sailors in the deep dark perilous seas and thus a nimbus of success to the young students. The divine presence of the two shrines of Lord Singhanatha and Goddess Bhatarika whose sacred feet are washed by the wide waters of the consecrated river, the Mahanadi, ennobles the agile minds with the ideal of the conquest of the inner self as a means of attaining oneness with the Godhead which is a traditional Indian thought. The lines of the Mahabharat, Twaya Hrusikesha Hrudi Sthitena, Jattha Nijuktosmi Tatha Karishye' suggest an act of self surrender. It is the self that is offered first of all and along with it the mind, the ego, the intellect and the body, all are dedicated to the Lord. This being done, every aspirant distinctly begins to feel that it is the Lord who is functioning through his body, mind and speech. The Divine will is his will now, the Divine Thought is his thought and the Divine Activity is his activity.

The holy association of the book, the candle, the two shrines and the quotable quotes from the Mahabharat have a wonderful spiritual impact on the inmates of this institution to build themselves up as persons of sterling character.