The Dramatic Association
  1. The name of the Association shall be M.S. College Dramatic Association.
  2. The aims and objects of the Associatioin are :
    1. To promote cultural activities like dance and music.
    2. To organise Annual Drama, variety performance and music competition in the college.
  3. All the students of the college shall be members of the Association by paying the required less annually at the time of admission.
  4. The Excutive Committee shall consists of
    1. Principal Ex-Oficio-President
    2. Vice-President and Associate Vice-Presidents to be nominated by the Principal from among the members of teaching staff.
    3. A Secretary and Asst. Secretary elected from among the students of the college. The Asst. Secretary shall belongto the 1st Yr. Class.
    4. One class representatives to be elected from each class.
    5. One lady student to be nominated by the President.
  5. The Secretary with the approval of the Vice-President shall organise all the functions of the Association. The Asst. Secretary shall asist the secretary in the discharge of his duty and in his absence perform all his functions.
  6. If any office falls vacant due to any reason whatsover, the Principal will nominate student members to the Executive Committee.
  7. The committee shall decided and fix the date and nature of performance to be stated and shall submits statement of accounts in the Annual General Meeting. it will also prepare and pass the budget for the year.
  8. The secretary shall convered meeting and keep record of proceeding of these meetings and he is also responsible for keeping upto data accounts
  9. Neither the Secretary nor the Asst. Secretary shal ordinarily be given an actor’s role in the drama to be staged.
  10. The funds of the Association shall be under the control of the Principal. All expenditure incurred by the Association shall be subject to his approval.
  11. The Vice-President shall be the custodian of allpermanent properties of the Association unless the Principal appoints a separate custodian.
  12. Properties of the Association shall nto eb lent to the outside organisation or individuals. But, however, when a sister associatioin of the college desires to borrow any material, it may do so with the sanction of the Principal.
  13. The running cup, if any, shal be returned to the college withing one month of the award by te recepients.
  14. The Principal reserves the right to alter, amend or annul any of the rules mentioned above.