Day Scholar’s Association
  1. The Association will take up such cultural activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the day scholars. All the day scholars shall be the members of the Association by paying the required fees annually at the time of admission
  2. Elected Executive Bodies will be there in +3 and +2 level.
  3. Management - Executive Committee.
    1. Principal as the Ex-Officio, President will control the activities and fund of the Association.
    2. Vice-President - Nominated by the Principal from among the teaching staff who will be in-charge of the Association.
    3. There shall be a Secretary and an Asst. Secretary elected by the day scholars. The Asst Secretary shall belong to the first year class.
    4. One Class representative to be elected from each class.
  4. The Secretary, with the approval of the Vice-President shall organise all the functions of the Association and shall be in-charge of the minutes and correspondence. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary in the discharge of the duties and in his absence perform all his functions.
  5. If any office falls vacant due to any reason whatsoever the Principal will nominate student members to the executive committee to make up the deficiencies in representation.
  6. The executive committee will draw up budget in the beginning of the session and submit to the Principal for his approval.
  7. All expenditure incurred by the Association shall be subject to the approval of the Principal.
  8. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the Association.