Brundaban Scholarship[Approved by the Governing Body of the Mohan Subudhi College, Baramba Vide Resolution No.17. dated 12.04.1979]

This Scholarship has been donated since 1979 by Late Brundaban Chandra Patnaik, a son of the soil, Retired Deputy Secretary to the Government of Orissa and Ex-President of the College Governing Body. A sum of Rs. 5,500/- (Rupees five thousand five hundred only) has been deposited by the donor for award of this scholarship from its interest.

  1. This Scholarship shall be Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten) a month or a little more or less tenable for one year, one in each of the five classes (+2 1st Year, IInd Year, +3 1st Year, IInd Year and IIIrd Year) of the M. S. College, Baramba and shall be admiritations.
  2. Awarded to a deserving poor student belonging to Baramba Tahasil of Cuttack district.
  3. The said scholarship awarded one year to a student may be continued to be awared to him/her for the next year if he / she is promoted to the higher class or is admitted to the next year class by passing the University Examination.
  4. The amount of the scholarship being Rs. 10/- each for each of the five classes it is expected that at least Rs. 50/- shall be earned as monthly interest on the fixed deposit of Rs. 5,500/-. The Principal may however vary the amount of the scholarship any year regard being had to the total amount of the monthly interest earned.

A sum of Rs. 400/- (Four hundred only) has been donated by Sri Brundaban Chandra Patnaik which had been deposited in the S. B. Account for award of Prizes from its interest for best social services.

  1. The prizes shall be called “Brundaban Prizes” for best social services.
  2. It shall be tenable in the M. S. College, Baramba and shall be awarded every year to student of the college who is considered by the Principal as the best social worker.That students who evidence an attitude of benevolence of doing good to others, for helping others in distress, for nursing the sick and for making some selfsacrifice for the benefit of others, whether within or outside the college and his spirit of social service is genuinely humanitarian, not being confined to narrow limits of communalism, sectarian bias of particular religious dogma, may be considered as a good social worker.
  3. The amount of the fixed deposit shall not be reduced at any time and shall be a permanent investment and only the interest earned on it shall be utlised for the award of the prize every year.
  4. The prize may be awarded with a testimonial from the PL.

This scholarship has been awarded by Major P. K. Das, a son of the soil and Ex-Vice Chancellor of the Utkal University as a glorious and befitting tribute to his parents, father Late Padmanav Sabhabhusan, and Founder President of the Governing Body of this college and mother Swamamayee Devi, a pious and dedicated soul. The amount of the scholarship is Rs. 40/- per month to be awarded half yearly in September and February every year to a student securing the highest mark in the 1st year class, all the facilities taken together, provided he / she has secured at least 50% marks in the aggregate at the Annual qualifying examination. The students can retain the scholarship in his / her second year provided he / she secures at least 50% marks in the aggregate in his / her college examinations. Thus the total amount of the scholarship is Rs. 960.00 payable to the deserving student in every six months during the first and second of his / her study. Thus, merits and good conduct are the sole criteria for selection of this scholarship. The Principal will select awarded after the last date of admission is over as per regulations and awarded to same with the detailed bio - data of the awarded to the awarded. Major, P. K. Das.


Major, P. K. Das, Ex-Vice Chancellor of the Utkal University has presented a running cup to be awarded every year beginning form 1976-77 session to the student who is to be selected as allrounder on the basis of his high academic life and career skill games and sports, efficiency in literary activities and dignified social life. This cup is to be named as “Bidyalankar Memorial Cup” as a tribute to the glory and memory of the departed soul of Late Shreebasta Bidyalankar, a revered teacher, a noble and notable soul of the soil whose contribution to all fields of Baramba is remarkable.


The Guruprasad Memorial Committee, Baramba has donated two shields to the institution in the year 1982. One shield is to be awarded to the Best Athlete and another to be the Best Actor of the year. They are Running shields in memory of Late Guruprasad Pattanaik, a notable player and sportsman, actor and artist of the locality who died prematurely. The Principal is to form a Committee every year under his Chairmanship to select the winners for the shield.


(Approved vide Resolution No. 11 (a) (ii) of proceeding No. 1 dt 27-2-2000 of the Governing Body M. S. College, Baramba) This scholarship has been donated by Mrs. Sailabala Mishra in memory of her father Late Padmanav Sabhabhusan, who was an old Satyabadi Pupil and the Founder - President of the Governing Body of this College.

  1. A fixed deposit of Rs. 10,000/- has been made in the SBI (ADB) Baramba for this purpose. The interest accrued on this amount annually is to be credited into the account of the college, preferably in the month of March every year to enable the college authorities to disburse the scholarship to the deserving students.
  2. From among the students admitted into the +3 1st Year (Arts, Science and Commerce) of the College, two students who have secured the first and second highest marks in the aggregate at their Annual +2 Examination shall be awarded this scholarship. The interest amount of the fixed deposit is to be equally divided between the two students.
  3. The selected students must have passed the +2 Examination in one chance and that too without discontinuance.
  4. A committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal M. S. College, Baramba to be constituted every year to select the deserving students for scholarship.

(Approved vide Resolution No. 11 (a) (iii) of proceeding No. 1. dtd. 27-2-2000 of G. B. M. S., College, Baramba). Chandrasekhar Memorial Award for the Best Graduate was donated by Ms. Sailabala Mishra, wife of Late Sri Chandrasekhar Mishra widely known and extremely popular in the nativity of Baramba for his great love for the spread of education.

  1. This award shall be paid to the best graduate every year.
  2. A sum of Rs. 10,000/- has been deposited in the SBI (ADB) Baramba as a fixed amount for the purpose. The annual interest account on this amount is to be credited into the account of M. S. College, Baramba preferably in the month of March to disburse to the deserving student.
  3. A Committee is to be constituted under the Chairmanship of the Principal, M. S. College, Baramba every year to adjudge the best graduate of the college.

(Approved by the GB. M. S. College, Baramba, vide Resolution No. 11 (a) (i) of proceeding No. 1. dtd. (27.2.2000) Sushree Bharati Memorial award in Economics has been donated by Sri. Amulya Kumar Panda of Krushna Chandrapur from the year 2000 in memory of his Late Sister Bharati Panda, a student of Economics Honours, of this college.

  1. The award will be given in cash to the student who secures the highest mark in +3 Pre-Degree Examination in Economics Hons.
  2. The interest accrued from a deposit of Rs. 15,000/- in the name of Amulya Kumar Panda at the UCO Bank, Baramba, will be awarded as cash prize every year.
  3. The cash amount shall be received by the Principal, M. S. College, Baramba from the Bank every year for disbursement.