The Social Service Guild
  1. The Object of the Guild is :
    1. To grant stipend to the needy and deserving students.
    2. To form volunteer corps in the town for rendering help to the destitute at the time of flood and other natural calamities.
    3. To arrange lectures by eminent persons for the benefit of the student’s community.
  2. Each student of the college pays the required annual subscription at the time of admission. The Principal as the Ex-Officio President controls the Fund of the Guild.
  3. Executive Body :
    1. Principal is the Ex-Officio President.
    2. Vice-President is nominated by the Principal from among the Teaching Staff.
    3. Secretary and Asst. Secretary to be elected from among the students.
    4. One student representative from each class.
  4. Secretary :
    1. He will convene the General and Executive meeting of the Guild and record the proceedings of the meeting.
    2. He will organise student volunteer corps and raise funds for improving financial position of the Guild.
    3. He will prepare the Annual Report with the help of the Vice-President for the Annual General Meeting.
    4. He will provide help to the selection committee of the S.S.G. for the selection of the students seeking aid from the S.S.G. fund.
  5. Assistant Secretary :
    He will assist the Secretary in all the above duties and will remain-in-charge when the Secretary is absent and will exercise all power of the Secretary.
  6. The Executive Body shall manage the S.S.G. and draw up a budget in the beginning of the session and submit it to the Principal for his approval