Youth Red Cross

As per the circular of the Director of Higher Education Orissa, a Youth Red Cross Unit has been organised in the college. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, (Principal). The Counsellor and other two members (Lecturers) in order to execute the day to day progarmmes. Every student of the college is a member ipso facto. Those who are interested for active participation are enrolled as Youth Red Cross Volunteers. Every student has a contribution of Rs. 10/- for the society at the time of admission.

Fundamental Principles of Youth Red Cross :-
  1. Humanity - Voluntary Service -
  2. Impartiality - Unity -
  3. Neutrality - Universality -
  4. Independance -
  5. Our Motto - “To Serve”

As a member of Youth Red Cross, I promise to serve, work loyally for the promotion of Health and the relief of suffering and distress, wherever I find it. I promise to hold friendship with the boys and girls of al nations.